I laughed..I cried…I quilted!

The weather, outside, is frightful….and I am feeling sorry for myself! This is a picture of My parents. They are in Liberia, and have been for almost a year and a half. They are coming home in June, and I miss them!!
The reason I originally took this picture was to show the tissue box cover I made! I know, weird thing to make, but we have lots of runny noses around here, and I am sick of looking at those ugly boxes! I got the pattern here.
I got to go to our “shop” today. I rarely get to go because of my young’uns, but today I left them home torturing poor daddy. I had a quilt i really needed to quilt.

This is a quilt that my Mom made while she was in Nigeria with the fabric she bought there. She gave it to a couple that she served with there, the Thrashers. Sis. Thrasher brought it to me to be quilted. I bawled when she brought it in. Mom and I are quilting buddy’s.

The fabrics are all so cool. I loved the mix of colors and patterns! Eye Candy!

The Thrashers served part of their mission in Ghana. Sis. Thrasher made the Ghana flag for the back of the quilt.

Yummy, stitchy, quilty goodness!! I miss my Mom, but for a minute today I got to spend some time with her!! Great! now I’m bawling again!!!

Here is the view off my back porch!! COLD!!

I haven’t introduced you to my new niece and nephew,
This is Bella and her brother Beaux! They just
got baths. They look like wet rats to me!

Enough fun! Back to feeling sorry for myself…poor meee! *sniff*


2 thoughts on “I laughed..I cried…I quilted!

  1. I only cried…….You did such a beautiful job on the quilt. I forgot that it was so cute. You really made it great. I love you. Thank you for doing that for me. Deanne will just love it. I love the flag on the back. Great idea. Vickla


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