MMMMmmm Cheeeth!

I am so thankful for Taters cute lisp. Cheese sounds MUCH less fattening when you call it Cheeth!
“Diet going well?” you ask. UMMmmmm….NOPE!
I wanted to show off a few things that I made this week!
The lovely model is my daughter Tallulah Belle. Those of you that know Tally at all know that she has been mostly boy for 6 years. (She had to wear Spiderman briefs to potty train) Recently she decided that she is a girl! (Yahoo!)

The headband pattern was found on Foofanagle. It is super easy, and adjustable so that you can make it fit any head. This is useful in my family as we have quite a few “Gargantuan Craniums” to fit. Tally’s little head is abnormally tiny for her genetic predisposition!

The skirt idea came from lululollylegs. I love pouring over her pictures, and using her ideas! her blog is my fave!
Well, that is all I’ve got for today! My computer monitor is freaky…it won’t turn on most of the time…so I hope to blog at you later!


3 thoughts on “MMMMmmm Cheeeth!

  1. Wow, you are the domestic diva!! Tally looks so cute and I love the way she models. Cute skirt.. Great fabric! I like to read lululollylegs. She has lots of great ideas. Thanks for introducing her to me. Vickla


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