The "Kid" forecast for today…….

“Mom, is Mower-lawn a bad word?” said one of the twins
“No Son, Mower-lawn isn’t a bad word.”
“Then turn off the light you Mower-lawn (moron)”
The kid forecast for today is Cloudy with a chance of thunderstorms!
Should be a REALLY long day, and there is no school on Friday….uuhhhhhh.

4 thoughts on “The "Kid" forecast for today…….

  1. Lola, I am so sorry that there is no school on Friday. Good luck with that, and good luck with your “thunderstorms”. If you need to get away and talk to an adult I’ll be next door working…


  2. Love the “mower lawn” variation. My kids like to ‘say’ bads words without really saying them. It’s terrible trying to get them not too. Their favorite? Shush it! Say that fast and you see what I mean.


  3. OK! That reminds me of when we would play “The Name Game”! It went like this, “Hey everybody! Let’s do Chuck….Chuck..chuck bo buck…banana-nana fo….” (inevitably, a parent would stop us there!)


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