A productive day!

Yesterday was one of those days where you get many things started, but not many completed! I started the laundry…..but, that is NEVER really finished is it? I made 2 loaves of white bread, 2 loaves of wheat bread (Check out my Bread Tute) and 1 liter of Yogurt. The kids have already eaten both loaves of White bread…of course!

Started making 2 covered cork boards with my Alexander Henry fabric. Learned that my machine will sew through cork with ease. I still need to add trim to this one, and sew the other. I thought they’d be good in my studio. Maybe I’ll hang up some of the patterns I have lying around!???!
Finally got to work on my Amy Butler bag. It is done….except for the inside…pooh! I love the bag, but I’m not sure i’ll ever make another! They’re tough!

Here stands poor little Betsy, my singer featherweight, she’s such a trooper! She’s always there for me…..even when she has to live in clutter. That is the one thing that I always make…a mess!


6 thoughts on “A productive day!

  1. Wow, how can anyone keep up with you? You are really one of those SUPER MOMS. I love the purse and corkboard. How is the yogurt? Did you make plain or fruity?


  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I must make your bread! I have it bookmarked! That Sophia bag is adorable. Must make that too. Wow….so much to comment on….go girl.


  3. Love the Amy Butler bag!! I have been wanting to make one, but they do look difficult. Love the corkboard too! I have the same fabric in my stash…just brown instead of blue.Thanks for visiting my blog!


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