Why LOLA……..?

It is now time for the ever popular segment of our blog
Why Lola??

The question I will answer for you today is: “Why do you insist that we call you Lola when your name is Clearly NOT Lola?”

Way back in the early days of my youth (college) I saw a woman that had a pink beehive hairdo! She wore a pink polyester jumpsuit, had a pink poodle, and a pink car. ( She wasn’t even a salesperson for Mary Kay) I decided that her name had to be Lola….and that someday I would be just like her, probably when I was much older.(..and retired, and senile!)

Gwen Verdon
*Zoom forward several years*
My eldest sister, Angel, was about to become a Grandma for the first time. She was determined that she was not going to be called grandma, she was too young to be a grandma. She also vetoed Mama, and Nana. She chose to be called Juanita. (don’t ask!)
Knowing that I would soon become a Great-Aunt I knew that it was time for me to change my name too. I became, officially (???), Grand Aunt Lola.
My darling niece is now having her 3 baby in 3 years. That is why I am Lola…again!
So now you ask: “Why all of the pictures of Gwen Verdon?”
Well…She is Lola to me now! She is the coolest Lola in town……well she was before she died 8 years ago!
Don’t believe me?? Watch this!!!!

(This is me after the Biggest Loser!)

“So, Lola? Why do WE have to call you Lola?”

I’ve been a Mother, and an auntie for Sooooooo long that that is what I do best! I am your Aunt Lola weather you like it or not! So, go clean your room and I’ll give you a treat!


6 thoughts on “Why LOLA……..?

  1. okay, i watched the you tube video and i love, love, love it!wouldn’t it be great to get 4-year-olds to make a bunch of baskets??? you made me laugh on that one…


  2. Vickla,I guess, if what Lola “wants” is 6 screaming kids, laundry out the wazoo, Den meetings at her house, and to get her van stuck in someones driveway…in the blinding snowstorm……Then YES!!! Lola gets it!


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