Well Hello……

……….pretty new market tote!
I made it out of a Moda charm pack that I was hoarding. The only reason I could actually make something with it was that I have 2 of the same charm pack. I still have one that I can look at, and drool over!
I finally had a second to make a new runner for my kitchen table. I still have my Christmas one up! I just have to find a second to put it on the Gammill.
It was a rough day today! Baby was up, and ready to play, at 4:30 am. I fed him a tootsie pop for breakfast. (isn’t that the breakfast of champions??No? It is the breakfast of children who’s mothers are going to be turned in to the DCFS!)

President Hinkley’s passing threw a melancholy over the day. Then we had a lovely blizzard. I had bear Den meeting at my house (uhhhhhhh…scouts!), where we did origami. I now know that I am Origami-challenged. Got my Maxi-van stuck in the driveway of one of my scouts.
Good times….Good times!


5 thoughts on “Well Hello……

  1. love the tote! i love all things moda and all things you can make with charm packs! you have a gammill? my mom has one, too, and i am learning on it…she has started a little machine quilting business (she is retired)…doesn’t want to do too much, just keep busy and earn a little spending money…she winters in florida and i can’t wait until she gets back in late march…i have things i need quilted! p.s. we feed granddaughter m & m’s for breakfast!


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