Bath time was not fun tonight. Tater got in trouble with Dad for eating the bubbles

Baby Turtle is teething, and not sleeping!

Mom isn’t sleeping either. Mom is a very angry
woman now!
12 year old is getting bad grades…Dad is angry now too!
The rest are fighing over the WII……..argh!
Not a good day to blog….Maybe if the sun starts to shine!

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4-Free paper toys:http://www.thetoymaker.com/

10 thoughts on “Tired?

  1. Those have to be some of the cutest little sad faces ever! I know it’s hard to see that when you own them, but from over here I want to let you know that you’re doing a fine job with all that cutie crying.


  2. Those last two comments were sooo funny, I’m saving them for a book I’m writing. No, not really. I just messed up. Twice. *sigh*Let’s try again.Well, look at me on your sidebar. How nice are you? I started to write a song about you, but I hit a wall.I got this far…Her name was Lola, her son ate bubbles. And one is crying in his room, she just heard the WII go boom. Yeah, so…that’s all I’ve got.You can take that, and run with it. Out of the house, and to the store for ice cream.


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