The Lola Song!!

Have you ever found one of those blogs…those REALLY FUNNY blogs. The kind that you stalk, and read, and laugh so hard that your bum falls off, and then someones much bigger (and uglier) bum takes it’s place?

WELL…I found that blog! It is called Oinkle Doinkle, written by Carrot Jello. Carrot, you are the reason why my “bum is HUGE”! (My daughter says that to me all of the time, “Mom, your Bum is Huge!Mine is teeny tiny”) But I digress. Somehow Carrot found out that I have her in my “Daily Reads”, and she commented on my last post. Just like any other insane stalker big fan, I almost wet my pants when I read her comment. She started writing a “Lola” song that I am going to try to finish!

But first, I have to show you what a big fan of “all things jello” I really am. I collect old Jello ads from the 50’s.
The one above is SO Utah. We consume the most Jello (and Green Jello) anywhere in the US. That Jello salad above has celery, peaches, and walnuts in it!! YUM!!

This large ad is my fave! I always serve Jello to company! I am always asked to bring my green Jello salad to every family function. (No carrots in this one…sorry!)

I took a close-up of the recipe for the Neopolitan salad at the top of the page. You’ll want to read the ingredients carefully. It is a definite vomit inducer taste sensation ! Take it to your next Church function—-You’ll be the talk of the congregation for sure!

Now!! On with the Lola Song!!!!

Her name was Lola, her son ate bubbles. And one is crying in his room, she just heard the WII go boom. (That part was written by Carrot Jello)

She’s a blog-stalker of Carrot Jello, and those who comment on her blog make Lola laugh-snort like a hog!

It’s Carrot’s funny blog, Lola snorts like a hog! (Just like that time when Lola’s Uncle drank too much spiked egg nog!)

It’s called Oinkle! (Oinkle) It’s Oinkle Doinkle! (doinkle) I can’t think of what rhymes with doinkle! It’s called Oinkle! It’s Oinkle Doi-oi-oinkle! Happy as Carrot, she must have a parrot! Oinkle Doinkle…What does that mean… *oi-oinkle…..Oi-oinkle Doinkle*

I appologize to Barely Man-enough Barry Manilow….and anyone else that was harmed in the reading of those lyrics!

Thanks Carrot Jello for the inspiration….and the huge butt!


15 thoughts on “The Lola Song!!

  1. hello carrot jello’s stalker. i love your cute blog. and that you collect old jello ads. and amazing that you’ve actually made some of those concoctions. and there’s fighting over the wii in our home too. except it’s mostly just my husband and myself. okay.. it’s really just me. i’m slightly competitive at tennis.


  2. Those ads are priceless. My mom has several jello cookbooks from that era, I remember looking through them as a small child. My favorite is still green jello with crushed pineapple and cheddar cheese. (Hey! Don’t form an opinion until you’ve tried it)As for the recipe with the spinach in the jello…….um……maybe not. I have found other ways to keep my kids from eating spinach, thank you.As for your song, I have two words;Simply Brilliant!!


  3. YOU JUST SAID THE MAGIC WORDS. I happen to have more old jello ads than I know what to do with. Girl, once I find ’em, they’re on their way to your house. And you can share ’em with Carrot Jello if you wanna.


  4. There can be but only one <>Carrot’s best friend<> Lola. Hmmpf.(You may retain the <>carrot jello’s stalker<> title)PS: I love jello! I call it “The Most Honest Food on Earth”, becuase you can see right through it, and t’s fun, and it comes in all colors and flavors, and it’s delicious and fat free.So kudos to you Lola.


  5. WOW! If the ground wasn’t so dirty at work I would roll all over it right now LAUGHING! Somehow even though there is still snow outside this made the sunshine come out! For my own selfish reasons I LOVE that people can come up with something so creative! If I got paid to read blogs I would be rich! I have now added another one to my reading tablet! As for Barry I think he would flat out be jealous because this would be #1 ! LOOOOOOVVVVEEE IT!


  6. What a riot YOU are! I am overjoyed to have you join in the pink artist project. Post those squares by March 1st and please stay tuned to see what erupts from the giving hearts of artists. Now, you have me wanting JELLO! Off I go, Monica 🙂


  7. um….i’m still more than slightly obsessed with the green fluff …and so is the rest of my cast…. but i told em it was my recipe. cause i’m a liar. and i’m obsessed your ma’s raspberry jello cream cheese pretzel situation…’s the reason i bought an oven…. to toast the pretzels. yum…. i’m gonna make that tomorrow to satisfy my inner fat kid.


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