So! I was talking to my Sister-in-law, Busty Larue, yesterday.
We were having a great conversation.
…can’t quite remember what it was about…….
but I know it must have been a really good one!
You’re wondering how I know it was a good one if I can’t remember the topic.
This is how I know!

Yaah! That would be my 1 year old,
destroying a non-washable red marker……..
with his teeth and with a pair of scissors……..
on my carpet!
He actually chewed the marker part right out of the top of the marker!
Busty and I didn’t even notice until the destruction was complete.
He was covered in red, but my carpet was safe! (Miracle!!)

I did manage to get a few things made for another of my SIL’s baby shower this weekend. The thing in the back is one of those nifty diaper packs that you put wipes and a couple of diapers in, and toss it into your purse. Eliminates taking the giant bag when you are running somewhere fast.
I made a ball, bunny, and burper out of the matching fabrics. The bunny will (maybe) get a face by Saturday!


11 thoughts on “Badddddddddd!

  1. I can’t type yet this morning, but anyway! Don’t worry about red marker, Al Pal got red marker (permanenet I might add) all over my leather couches on Christmas Eve and it came out!! YIPEE!! But I agree with Mary, Red are the tastiest!! YUM!!


  2. I think the red chalk is the tastiest!!! Just kidding Lola. I love your baby shower gifts you should have made a hooter hider too in the matching fabric of coarse. Hey our Tax guy said that we do qualify for that rebate because for a married couple it is 145 instead of 75 (that is for single people) but dont worry you will all ways get more than me on the rebates.


  3. He is so darling….nothing he does could be that bad could it??? He had a red outfit and didn’t get any on the carpet….come on Mom! Love the baby gifts…which SIL is having a baby?


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