For the LOVE…of Fabric!

I love fabric, especially NEW fabric!! The fabric above is the fabric How about Orange‘s Jessica Jones designed. It is callled Modern Flora for J. Caroline Creative. It is available for purchase now!

Designer Anna Maria Horner has been teasing us for a while with pictures of her new line Drawing room! I would LOVE to make a quilt like this one, made by Nanette Merril from Freda’s Hive, out of those fabrics when they are finally released! Nanette is the quilter that introduced me to Superbuzzy fabric store! Their fabric selection is grand!! (I’m waiting for an order from them now…don’t tell Lego Hair Man!)

This delicious (Yes! I would eat them if I could!) stack is called Ginger Blossom, designed by Sandi Henderson – Portabello Pixie. MMMmmmmmm!

I learned about this next designer from a new site called Brassy Apple! Her name is Daisy Janie. This is her third line of fabric! They are perfect for my vision for my living room! I want to frame some, and quilt some! Check it out!
Now! if you want to buy some great fabric, with great customer service, go to Quilt home! They have excellent prices too. ( I’m the type that searches for them, so i know!)

Nothing says LOVE on Valentine’s….like Fabric! ( I also accept gift certs to fabric stores, or cash!)
PS. Please excuse the overwhelming number of exclaimation points in this blog. I get excited sometimes!

9 thoughts on “For the LOVE…of Fabric!

  1. Oh goodness gracious…and I mean GOODNESS! The nearest fabric store for me is oh about 160 miles away so I have to shop online. Thanks for all the wonderful links!


  2. Thanks for the shout out alongside two 2 designers for whose work I have tremendous respect. Means a lot to me. This is my 3rd fabric collection, but the first that’s truly “me” and the first that I’m offering by the yard! I’ll keep you in the loop. PeaceJan


  3. Oh I just looooove fabric! 🙂Your beautiful squares arrived safe & sound and are currently dancing through our parade anxiously awaiting what’s to come next. Bravo! for making these, they are exquisite! I especially love the assemblage heart. oo la la! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for contributing these treasures to our cause. You surely are a ROCK*STAR!!!! xo, Monica 🙂


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