Meet Lola…a Short Story, or "Tag"

1-This is Lola!! She’s one patriotic gal!
not an actual image of Lola.

2- These are Lola’s kids! (except the redhead in the left corner…and the heads on sticks)
Lola is very “Green” so she conserves water by bathing them all together!

3-Lola doesn’t like to be a quitter! She will never give up being on a diet….she will never give up the foods that she loves either!

4-Lola has been to Haiti twice! She would not suggest going there for a vacation!
But, she Loved what she learned…and who she met!

5-In her former life, Lola was a Costume Design Major. Her children reap the benefits!
Lola’s oldest as Marie Antoinette.

6-Lola likes to paint!

7-Lola can’t do this trick!

I was tagged by Busty Larue, and Freda’s Hive
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I tag….(and I don’t care if you got tagged by someone else…too bad!) Diana, Angie, Scott, Lynsey,Amber, Carrot,Wondermommy


11 thoughts on “Meet Lola…a Short Story, or "Tag"

  1. the pic of the kids in the bathtub is a true classic! i love it…and tater was (still is) such a doll baby! i’m in love with him, too…great job on tag! you’re a hoot…


  2. OK. You have me laughing out loud still..I have just read your entire blog out loud to my hubbie! Can I be your friend???? I have loved being here….no really…. not just blog talk! this has been as good as my morning coffee.Blessings,Terisa


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