Lola’s night out…..

Friday night is Lola’s big night out on the town. She waits all week for this night!
In preparation, she gets all gussied up in her nicest boots, and fringe-y skirt. Tonight is the night that she finally gets to go to the big city and strut her stuff!

Her Sweetie lets her take his fancy truck. Its emerald paint matches her eyes!

Lola speeds out of the driveway…….. alone at last! She immediately heads for a gourmet meal at a local restaurant.

Then off to some serious shopping!

Lola’s adventure finally comes to an end when she runs out of energy, and money! 2 hours, and $200 later, she is back home with the groceries. Back to 6 grumpy kids, and one dazed husband! Back to change a diaper, and put the babies to bed! Back home, and back to reality, for another week….until another Friday Night!


8 thoughts on “Lola’s night out…..

  1. What happened to Huz doing the shopping with all the kids? Just couldn’t keep them all in the cart anymore? I am having Hostess envy right now……MUM


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