Looking for another cute Spring craft? Here is a Carrot plushie pattern from Etsy labs.
Just a little idea to get those creative juices flowing!
My posting my be a little sporadic for the next few weeks. My nephew is in critical condition in the ICU. He got the flu which turned into pneumonia, then sepsis and ards. He is 15 years old and generally healthy, so this is quite a shock. One lung is full of infection, and the other is full of fluid. They have him on a respirator…and so many tubes….and IVs. It is hard to see him like this. We are a very close family. We all live within 15 miles of each other, so we are always together. If you are the praying kind, or even if you aren’t, send prayers and good thoughts to Colton! Thanks!!! (((Big Hug)))

9 thoughts on “Carrot???

  1. please know that colton is in my thoughts and prayers…hang in there and if you need anything, let me know…sure, we live across the country from each other, but i am a great listener and can always offer my emotional support!


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