Jenny’s by you!!!

It has been so exciting, the last few weeks, to be blog surfing and stumble across my Jenny bag.
She is just such a fun little sweetie!
I am happy to see that people are actually using the pattern (however roughly sketched it is……It was my first attempt at pdf OK!!! Gosh!)

It was completely thrilling to see it on Sew Mama Sew today!! (Thanks Ladies)
I am addicted to that blog, and all of the tutorials!!

This cute “Jenny” was sewn by Cosias de Gato. The fabric she used is such a great print!

This variation was done by Life is good. I love the button closure, and the mix of fabrics! It makes me want to make a few more!!!

I would LOVE to see your Jenny bags!!! Let me know when you try the tute, or if you have any questions or suggestions! Thanks!!!


9 thoughts on “Jenny’s by you!!!

  1. I’m just sa proud!! I have loved finding Jenny, too. I want one of each of those bags. How do they find such great fabrics? I can’t wait to start shopping!! MUM


  2. Wow those fabrics are just luscious! I saw your Jenny bag featured over at Sew, Mama, Sew today. I was just as excited to find out your real name. Hehehehe….


  3. I’ve been wanting to try your tutorial for some time. But, it will probably still have to wait. Crocheting and Easter have me busy. Hopefully, the by the end of the month I can get to it!


  4. Hey…I made on the other day! Check out my blog….Very cute pattern…next time I will make it way bigger though!Congrats on the Sew mama Sew…love that site!


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