What you believe….

This is my 15 year old nephew Colton. He’s In the ICU tonight, and we are glad that he is there because we have almost lost him several times over the last 4 days.

I believe in the power of Faith and Prayer. I believe in miracles. I have a story of a miracle that happened today that may have saved Coltons life. I will have to tell you about it soon, when my head is a little more clear; we haven’t slept in days, and my baby has ear infection so I’m not sure how soon I’ll be sleeping again.

Colton is not out of the woods by a long shot, so please keep him in your prayers. I know that prayers are heard, and answered! I am thankful for all of your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes. I feel very blessed, and thank Heaven for all miracles.


5 thoughts on “What you believe….

  1. Oh my…I have not been around lately to read about all of this…glad to hear he is getting better…nothing worse than a child (no matter how big or small) being in the hospital much less the icu…sending all good thoughts and prayers your way!


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