My sweet nephew passed away tonight. We were able to be with him shortly after he died. It was a deeply sacred and peaceful time as we celebrated his life. He was such a good kid, so we are sad for us….those of us left behind. We know where he is, and we know that we will be together again.

Thanks to all of you who sent prayers, and good thoughts our way as he suffered in the hospital for 11 days. That strength is what is helping us go forward now.


27 thoughts on “Colton

  1. Oh no no no no no!!!!!!! This is the last thing I expected to see here. I am so sorry. Thank goodness for your loving family to share this burden with. I am so, so sorry for the loss of this beautiful boy.


  2. oh, jana, i am so incredibly sorry…so unfair…your family has shown so much love, support and amazing faith…colton surely knew how much he was loved by all…again, i am so very sorry and sad…i just don’t know what else to say…please know i am available to do anything to help…*hugs*


  3. Jana, I can only think of how I would feel and know how much this hurts. Everyone will miss him terribly. But knowing there was family and loved ones to greet him as he passed through the veil is very comforting. It isn’t for him, of course, to be sad. Its for your family that will miss him so very much.


  4. I am so sorry for your loss. I will have you in my thoughts today. Like Periwinkle said, sometimes it just doesn’t seem fair.


  5. I am so unbelievably sorry. Our prayers were for God to heal Colton, and now he has. We will now pray that God will bring you and yours comfort. I am sending ‘virtual’ hugs your way. This just stinks.


  6. I did not want to hear such news. We lost a nephew three years ago to an accident and I know that this is going to be a hard time for you. It is so hard to loose such a young person and it will never make any sense. Don’t ever forget to celebrate the life he had and the family that loved him… I am so sorry.


  7. I am saddened to read about this tragedy. I am happy to read about your faith and know that God will get your family through this difficult time. Prayers are going out for all your family.


  8. All losses are difficult and when its a beloved family or friend it is that much more difficult. I pray that the Lord brings peace to your family and extended family. May his presents be felt in the hearts of everyone that has been touched by your nephew. Thank you for shareing on your blog and blessing me with the opportunity to pray for you.Terisa


  9. i am so sorry to hear about your loss! i read coltons blog and then kissed my kids, life is just really too short! sooo sad that his life ended just as it was really starting. i am soo soo sad for your family. you all will remain in my prayers!Tiffany


  10. I am sorry to hear of your loss- but I loved what you said about how you were sad for you, not him. He has gone back to that God that gave him life…just imagine the hugs and joy on the other side! Good luck with the adjustment to not having him with you everyday until you are reunited!


  11. i made green fluff in honor of the stewart/petersons on sunday for the cast. i’m sick that i wasn’t able to come home for the funeral. ….no money, hard to get time off from the show. my prayers and thougts are with all of you. i love you so much. mom and dad said the funeral was amazing and were awed by the strength of our family. i love you!


  12. Haven’t checked Lola for a bit; I’m so sorry to read this. Not the outcome anyone was praying for, but you do not grieve as one without hope. Blessings and prayers, dear Jana, to you and your family.


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