What to do??

Here are the Wonky’s in progress. I still need to put zippers in two of them. I’ve been using this tutorial, from twelve22 to help with the zips.
I wanted to start a Japanese knot…but I am out of black ink…can’t print the pattern!!!
aaarrrrgggghhhhhh!! (said in my best Charlie Brown voice!)

So!!! Instead of sewing I got out my new acrylic paints,
and brushes,
and the “portrait” canvas……

…..and started to paint a picture of my nephew Colton.
There was not much of my crafting day left, so I hurried to get the first layers down.
I am sure that there will be many layers before it looks like him.

At his funeral, my 10 year old was a pall bearer, and my 3 and 4 year old were honorary pall bearers. I let told them the news the night before the services. When the four year old was getting his clothes on the next morning, he told his sisters that, “today I get to be a polar bear!!” Colton would have laughed about that!!!


8 thoughts on “What to do??

  1. I can already see the similarities. It looks so good already! Know what else Col would’ve laughed at? The trains and how upset Mike gets about them. hahaha. I can’t wait to see your finished portrait! I’m sure it will be beautiful.


  2. wow. What an amazing tribute to your nephew. I only saw the picture you had on your blog but boy does your painting look like him. I can’t imagine your (and families) loss. My 4 yr old keeps asking me when his GG is going to come back down from heaven to visit. His reply to mine “well, I want to go up and see GG and God” – yow-sa! Best wishes to you all. BTW – your wonks are adorable!


  3. you are amazingly talented and the painting will be beautiful…i love to draw but have never went all the way and tried painting…*green with envy*


  4. That painting is beautiful just like all your others! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Hey! Where was I when the family talent was being handed out? Oh, yeah. . I was probably out in my tube playing “boat/sharks”:)


  5. Love the “wonky with the matrushkas” not sure that is how you spell it……..The painting looks great already. You are so gifted….how can you do all you do with SIX kids? The painting looks so much like him already..MUM


  6. what a treasure! already looks just like him. i’m still jealous of the gma hill acrylic. you’ve inspired me… i’m painting, but not often enough and on the floor…..ok, so my blog is up. and it’ll be funny…. i hope…miss you


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