Before The Dust Bunnies Eat Us!!!

Not sure who these lovely ladies are, but I wish they would come visit today! I have to give in, quit trying to do crafty things….and clean my messy house.
The laundry is starting to creep down the hall, and the kids only have P.J.’s left to wear to school tomorrow!! O.K, that is not quite true. They have those really strange color combo outfits that their Dad insists on dressing them in on the weekends, or when I’m sick and can’t stop him. (once he put my cutie girl in Cammo pants, and a striped shirt…eeeeaaakkkk!!!)
I’ll be back tomorrow….unless I get the Haunta Virus…or worse!!

6 thoughts on “Before The Dust Bunnies Eat Us!!!

  1. That is to funny! I totally understand! I have seen those ladies…they are on a British TV show. They come and show you just how dirty your house really is! Good luck….I am right there with you!


  2. I am right there with ya, only I have boxes piled as high and as far as you can see!! Hopefully I can get it all put away and cleaned so that we can have ya’all over to see our new place! haha, in my dreams!


  3. See, this is where it’s nice when your children are a little older and can do their OWN laundry . . .A question, oh Queen of Bag Tutorials–please, do you have a suggestion for a tutorial for one of those little wrist bag things that the girls wear to prom???The less I have to think, the better off we all are . . .


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