The Cleaning Day Success……?????

I know that you are all wondering…waiting….wanting to hear all about my BIG CLEANING DAY!!

I’m sure that you are waiting for me to recount stories of my valiant battles with the mold monster that is growing in the back of the fridge. How, with a feather duster, I managed to eradicate an entire Dust Rhino colony! That even the “racing stripes”, in the boys undies, were no match for my masterful cleaning prowess!!!!………Well, it would all be a terrible lie!

My day got off to a grand start! I took everything out of the coat closet (amazing how much stuff it can hold) and started organizing. I found around 20 pairs of shoes that I’m not sure where they came from, or if they fit anyone in my house. Maybe my closet is a secret portal for lost shoes??

Huzz called, while I was in the middle of this mess, to tell me about a “Great Deal!!” he had heard the girls at work talking about. There was a huge sale on cereal at Albertsons !!

Long story shortened…….

We are now the proud owners of a storage room full of sugary goodness! (This should last us a week…maybe three!! )

The cleaning streak was irrevocably undone! You can’t clean after a super shopping BUZZ!

So, I made the Japanese Knotted Bag I blogged a few days ago.

That is a fun bag to make! Super easy tutorial too!!

Then I put the baby down for a nap, and painted some more…. I had to give the twins the hidden “lite brite” I had been saving for such an occasion. I hoped that it would make them happy…and quiet…..and NOT bug me! Didn’t work!
I had to break up so many fights that my acrylics dried!!!

Gertie came home from school and had to play me the Irish Jig she had learned today. It sounded so good…I was really shocked!! She looked gorgeous playing it too, so I snapped her picture!
This is Smitty reading his book. We had to go to parent teacher conferences tonight. He is doing so well in school that his teacher worries about him getting bored. She is going to have him help her teach math over the next few weeks. The kid is amazing!!! *beaming* He is SO much smarter than both of his parents……frightening!! He is seated on my NEW COUCH!!! It looks wet, or cammo, but it is made of micro-fiber! The downside to this fabric is that after you sit on the couch…you leave an impression on the fabric…of your butt…and how big it really is….not cool!!!

Does anyone know of a pattern for a cute Prom Wristlet Bag?? Trisha Too needs one!

Hope today will be much cleaner……Would you like a bowl of cereal???


13 thoughts on “The Cleaning Day Success……?????

  1. at least you can see all of your food storage…mine is in the suspended slab part of the basement that does not yet have a light…must take a flashlight, or you will come out with a can of stew instead of cream of mushroom…PLUS…I’m scared of the dark.


  2. You really are ready for some new “cleaning scenery” aren’t you? I’m just a hop, skip and BIG jump away any time you are looking for such adventures! I won’t be taking any pictures of my accomplishments for the day since it involves flowers and taxes. BORING! *yawn* But I did get a fancy deal on the same cereals at Maceys! I got them for a buck a box! YIPEE! I didn’t score as many since I didn’t know there was a deal until I hit the checkouts:(


  3. First…I love your new header!I have been teaching sewing to 6 to 12 year olds this week. I found myself thinking about families with a gaggel still at home and suddenly you popped into my head! I did 5 but they were fairly spread….and adopted so never did the infant thing. So I come home exhausted from teaching each day and have been counting down the days………how in the world do you have time to create and blog and clean the house!!!You are my new hero!Terisa


  4. Well, we know that you didn’t get any of that organizing gene from your mother!! I have nightmares when I think about my store room. Love the new couch..gorgeous..the kids are too. Thanks for all the pics…they make me so ready to be home. MUM


  5. Holy Sugar Cereal! That is an awesome deal….if only I had somewhere to put it. I miss having a pantry already! Which reminds me, Mum, your pantry isn’t a mess so you don’t need to worry about it!


  6. No word of I lie, I didn’t buy a couch in that fabric solely for the butt-impression factor. I just couldn’t deal with that harsh reality on a daily basis. Love that bag!


  7. Your pantry looks nice and tidy. I would give anything for a place like that to store food. I need to clean my house, too, but I just don’t feel like it lately because of spring break. School starts again tomorrow so we’ll see if I can get back into the mommy spirit.


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