100th Post and Tutorials

Lola…again, and her wonder horse Bob, welcome you to….

100Th Post-A-Rama!!!
I decided that I couldn’t wait until I had all of my tutorials ready to make this post. The next few posts will be celebrating the 100th!

I have grown to adore Blog land, and my Blogger friends! Growing up, I always wanted a pen pal…now I have hundreds!!!
Instead of doing the typical drawing/giveaway, I decided to give you all a prize..or 2…in the form of Tutorials, recipes, and links!…..well maybe a drawing…we’ll see!!!

Todays Tutorials

Have you ever bought a Charm Pack, and wondered what to do with it?
I have…MANY TIMES, so I decided to see how many different things I could do with those cute 5″ squares!

Today’s Tutorials are for simple coasters, and pot holders/trivets. These are easy sewing projects, but they make fun gifts!

I am also going to share with all of you my Favorite Jell-O Recipe.
( If you are from Utah you already have the recipe…move on to the next section)


We call it…
Fluff Salad!!
1 container Cool-Whip
1 container Cottage Cheese
1 can Crushed Pineapple
1 box pistachio pudding

(if you want a small salad, use the small containers of listed foods. If you have a big family, or a big appetite, then use the big containers of listed foods.)

Dump everything in a bowl and mix it all up. It isn’t really a salad…but call it that so that you can eat it with your meal, and then still eat dessert!

My kids and I will keep working on the Post-a-rama post for tomorrow!

Hope your day is a great one!!


9 thoughts on “100th Post and Tutorials

  1. YIPEE! First to comment on the 100th! That means I’m the coolest ever right? Oh, it doesn’t? I have to make you cookies and bring gifts to you in order to be the coolest. . . OK, I’ll be back:(


  2. Happy 100Th! That is so cool. I’m glad that the picture isn’t a picture of your Fluff. If it was, I think you did something wrong! haha Looking forward to the 100th bonanza. 🙂


  3. HAPPY 100th….You are the most amazing….I loved the tutorials. I don’t feel like I am bloggish enough to call them “tuts” yet. I have read ALL of your 100 blogs. Does that get a prize? MUM


  4. Is it true that Salt Lake City is the Jello Capital of the World? Me, I love Snelgrove’s.My late brother-in-law was on some of the Our Gang shows. If you remember the little rich kid in the blue suit with a ruffled collar, that was him. I love the pictures of you in your many lovely outfits and with your wonder horse. You are quite the babe.


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