Just Finished it!


9 thoughts on “Just Finished it!

  1. Woah! That looks awesome! It looks just like Col! As for this weekend, my parents are bringing their truck down so we can get the dresser out, and if the weather is good I think we’ll be working in the yard, so you’ll have Mike’s hands. It’s all up to Scotty now! 🙂


  2. What an awesome job you did! Girl, you are an ARTIST!He looks like the sweetest boy. I may have already said this, but sometimes I feel like certain people were not meant for this world–they are here for a time to teach us all, and then they move on. My sweet brother Glenn was 43 when he moved on, after teaching us all to love one another more and judge less, and my nephew Kevin was 17–the first grandchild for my parents and my first nephew, adored by all of us, but called home early. He must have had other work to accomplish somewhere else than here.


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