7 thoughts on “Heh….Heh…he

  1. Who in the “H” was that singing about you? All that I can say is (well there are a lot of things I can say and will:) You sound like a Ho in that song asking people to dance and all. I’m now craving C.O.L.A cola and I too have some songs written about me. Real good ones too. “Dirty Diana” “Little Ditty about Jack & Diane” Good clean ones eh? heh heh he!


  2. You know, that’s one of my favorite Kinks songs, and I hum it to myself every time I see your name! Thanks for the video, it rocks!Di, you CHILD! You are too young to remember the Kinks! arrrrggghhhhhh!!!


  3. Lola (altho, I don’t really think that is your name…) I have loved that song since high school. Have you heard Rodney Dangerfield sing Yoda??? Hey thanks for the great comment on my blodge for the giveaway!


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