DeeDee’s New Bag!!

I got some new fabric the other day. Luscious new Heather Baileys, and Amy Butlers.
I also have a few new bag patterns…….so I obviously had to make a new bag.
I have been making lots of little lovelies lately (a little alliteration for you there) mostly for myself. I knew this one wanted to go live with my sis DeeDee! She’s a fancy, purse loving lady! (I can call her “lady” because she’s older than me heh heh he!)

I got this pattern from You Can Make This. They were allowing it to be downloaded for free for a short time. I did (as usual) make several alterations to the pattern. It was a cute little bag….Dee dee definitely carries lots of CRAP really important stuff in her bags…so I had to make it quite a bit larger.
Then, I didn’t read the instructions, I just went for it! I’m pretty sure that I did it differently than the creator intended.
I took it to DeeDee and she liked it! Now I think I’ll make a matching wallet/checkbook cover for it.
Angel (my much older sister. Heh heh he), your bag is next!!!


7 thoughts on “DeeDee’s New Bag!!

  1. Just a friendly reminder: MUMMY is only 7 weeks from being close enough to have a NEW BAG!! Dee Dee’s is lovely and so like her. I love the fabrics. They make me drool…..MUM


  2. Which bag from that site is this one? Is it the “She loves me she loves me knot” bag? You did such a cute job! I love it love it love it! BTW: Did you see that I got most of that wallpaper off yesterday? Sorry we didn’t do more, but Destructo was causing chaos and destruction!


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