Breakfast of Champions?????

How many of you got a good night’s sleep last night?? Raise your hands high so I can see them.

Notice that Lola is NOT raising her hand! Why?? Because her baby has a cold….AGAIN!

I read once that the average baby gets 12-15 colds/year during the first two years of life. Each cold will last about 14 days. (This means that you only get a couple of healthy weeks between colds.) I should probably stock up on the Diet Coke……and re-stock the Mini-wheats. (yes..the pantry is already emptied of their goodness!)

Last night, during the prescious few moments of sleep, I dreamed that I got a super good deal on 9 Giant Boxes of Cheerios. ONLY $7.00!! I wonder what that means?


8 thoughts on “Breakfast of Champions?????

  1. I think it means that you were having a nightmare……oh, no, that is just your life!! Happy Cheerio shoping. Hope you get enough to fill the shelves again and keep the hordes happy. MUM


  2. You really should have brought the baby over! I was up with a painful tooth and he could have cried and screamed right along with me:DForget the cereal, hand over the Diet Coke!


  3. mmmm….mini wheats… yummy. i was up late also with a baby who didn’t want to be put in his crib. oh so not fun. luckily the burrito technique helped a little! Good luck with the whole cold thing. That sucks that just when they get better they get something different. Try and sleep today, maybe while Huzz is home…?


  4. Lately I’m awake at 4:30 every morning…I think it’s those pesky pheasants making noise. You think I’d get up and go walking…no, I just think about walking and try to go back to sleep.


  5. … it means that even when you are trying to rest, your mind is still working like crazy! 🙂(Thanks for the slit idea on the shirt! I never thought about that!)


  6. Um – I hear you about the sleep. Junior officially slept through the night for one whole week after which he got and ear infection and is working on more teeth. I don’t remember what good sleep is.


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