The Angel Bag Tutorial

I wasn’t going to post this yet, but I got to excited that it was finally done! Here is The Angel bag pattern and tutorial!
I was in a rush putting it up, so if there are any problems, or questions, please let me know so that I can get them fixed! I have been known to leave things out because I assume that you can read my mind! You can….can’t you?
Follow the link on the right to the pattern, and tutorial! Good luck!!!

5 thoughts on “The Angel Bag Tutorial

  1. Thanks, that is just what I needed to get me inspired to do something.I think that I have found the iron on pellon here. That is really a find. What a great bag!! MUM


  2. your tutorial is great! thank you so much! and thank you for the kind words on mine…=)…i just love getting comments from you…p.s. both my grown boys and my grandkids are begging for sock monkeys! can you please make 5 extra?????


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