There goes the Tax Refund…again!!

Have you seen this??? Go see it!! I want it ALL! It would make the cutest bags…………
If you’re reading this, please pick 3 prints from the Flutterby line for your purse!!!! I’m dying for an excuse to buy some of these…and Lego Man will let me do anything for you!

9 thoughts on “There goes the Tax Refund…again!!

  1. Those fabrics are darling! I felt compelled to click & see more:)LOVE THEM!Aw heck, there is always next years refund to start working on right? Or the rebate? Something?. .anyone. . Beuhler?


  2. Poor Lego Man. I can’t help but laugh every time I see him now because I think of you calling him that. It makes me want to try and lift his hair off when i see him 🙂


  3. Who me???? Reading your blog??? Ah, yes. I have looked them all over and decided on 23025-18 and 23010-15 and 23011-18 or whatever you think will go best with the purse you are making. Now, I really can’t wait to get home!! MUM


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