The Tattoo I’m Getting On My Forehead

In case you didn’t hear me the first 500 times…Stop It Right Now!!!

I hope I’ve made myself clear!

5 thoughts on “The Tattoo I’m Getting On My Forehead

  1. OK, here’s what my mom would do when she was in the kitchen doing something and we kids were cutting up in the living room. First warning: You kids quiet down in there.Second warning: I don’t want to have to tell you again to quiet down.Third warning: A slow, deliberate walk into the back yard, ceremoniously selecting the perfect “switch” from a cottonwood tree, then back inside where she would solemnly lay the weapon on the windowsill behind the sink.No fourth warning required.


  2. I need more than one tattoo…”Do you understand me?” “How many times have I asked you (not) to?” to which I receive the reply of “5 times” … steam coming out of the ears!!!!!


  3. Ty doesn’t think any of my threats are serious. Maybe if were in a tattoo form (and not loudly yelled from my mouth) with a big exclamation after it, he would be scared!I think mine will say “Shut the He** up!”:)


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