Have You Ever………………..

……removed wall paper, then have to scrape the paste off the walls before you can paint?? Not as much fun as it sounds!!! It involves scrubbing with hot water, and scraping with a trowel.

……fed your baby while surfing the net? Better than that, while typing your blog with one hand…the wrong hand…because you don’t know when you’ll have a free hand again!

Did you ever run totally out of Diet Coke and have to borrow a buck from your 7 year old so that you could hurry and get one at the Gas station?? ( I am NOT addicted!)

Have you ever been surfing the net, (or watching TV, or eating a whole pan of Rice Krispy Treats by yourself) when you hear your husband pull up in the driveway………..and jump up, grab the broom and look busy??? (not confessing….I’m just sayin’)

Did you ever sit in your kids room, thinking about something “really important” ,when you realize that your child has been talking to you, the entire time you’ve been in there. They have only now stopped to ask you an important question, and you have NO IDEA what they have said??? Then you spend the rest of the night feeling guilt, and shame for missing out on one of those great moments of motherhood, you know, the moments that you wait for…the whole reason you are doing this “Mother” thing in the first place!!!

I did ALL of those things tonight………


12 thoughts on “Have You Ever………………..

  1. I think I can say I’ve done everything but the Diet Coke (don’t like soda, due to morning sickness with #2) and I also don’t think I’ve eaten a pan of anything. But I do try to look busy when my husband comes home 🙂


  2. I can totally relate to the DC thing. I will do anything or take anyone out to get to my fix. I also don’t know if I’ve ever really heard a complete conversation from Ty. He tends to talk TOO much and for TOO long. I just seem to click to other things accidentally, when his gums start flapping. I hope it wasn’t important:)


  3. YUP, it’s genetic!! Everything except the boob thing. I was holding a bottle. Please go and get a steam machine to get the wallpaper paste and strings off! Your making me feel guilty!!haha MUM


  4. It’s too bad Mike didn’t plug the iron in until AFTER all the wallpaper was down! hahaha Sorry. I do the jump up when your husband comes home thing, except for me it’s “hurry and hide the popcorn or ice cream I’ve been snacking on instead of working!”


  5. Well, you know I have borrowed money for a Pepsi. I think I would do anything for one of those. Well, just about anything. And I want you to know that the wallpaper removal was looking great. I will have to come and help on Monday. I may not have eaten a pan of anything but I am sure I have eaten a box of plenty of things.


  6. I had a friend who actually got upset at her mother for not wearing a dress and pearls to vacuum.Your little brother would get along great with mine! The saying in our house via…my kids is “Your MOM” after everything. It usually makes no sense but they say it anyhow!Terisa


  7. thanks for making us all feel better! i know that i’ve done all of these. um, especially the one about jumping up from the computer or tv so my husband thinks i’ve been industrious all day. he he


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