Spring Break??? For whom?

Last weekend we bought a new swing set. It is the kind with the hut on top, the slide on one side, and swings on the other. It has been a bugger to get assembled but it is finally done! Unfortunately, it took less than 24 hours before the kids had been grounded from it for mass rioting.

The fighting went something like this: “Hey! You can’t climb up the slide! You’re gonna break it!” “It’s my turn to swing!” “Tater pulled me out of the swing, so I pulled him out!” “Smitty’s being rude! He won’t push us!” “I’m not a baby, you are”. When the 4 year old started throwing rocks, the party was over. One by one they were given a time out. It was nice that they took turns being “rude” so that we only had to deal with one, or two at a time!

Meanwhile, I put the baby in the sandbox for the first time. He LOVED it!! He kept licking it off his fingers. I think he was still chewing some when I put him to bed.

Tomorrow is the begining of a week long Spring Break. Somehow I got talked into going to a work related conference with Lego Man. I have gone several times in the past and had a nice relaxing time. This time…I’m not sure why…we are taking the kids to. I realized, to late, that I will be stuck in a hotel with them for 3 days….and without any backup support…………….except lots of Chocolate and Diet Coke.

I am going to try to hide from the kids as much as I can tomorrow so that I can prepare emotionally for the week. If you hear them yelling for me DON’T tell them I’m in the storage room! Thanks!

10 thoughts on “Spring Break??? For whom?

  1. I really hope you have a great time on your “vacation”. Just send oldest daughter to the pool with the kids. Then, take baby and go sunbathe with some diet coke and a good book. That way you’re still “Supervising” since she isn’t old enough, but you don’t have to get in the pool! Seriously though, good luck. Please come back alive! 🙂


  2. I have two younger brothers…..The older of the two use to fill the youngest ones diapers with sand in order to “ground him” so he could play on the swing set and slide without any furhter interuptions.You are a very brave woman…have fun on your trip!It’s a bit early for the season but one of the best road crafts we did and kept everyone quite for a bit was to make a christmas tree chain out of pipe cleaners cut in half. Only worked for the one trip but the memory of my “brilliance” for that trip is still with me today!Terisa


  3. I’m loving the neighbors new swing! We had a nice little break (longer than EVER) from Ty-Ty because of it!! Woohoo! If he gets naughty, just take him in YOUR house for a time-out OK? heehee!Have fun on your trip & remember that playdough works well for earplugs too.


  4. Sorry! Now you have to hide from my kids too! 😦 I’m sure you’ll have a great time in St. George…at least your out of the cold.Too bad you have that swingset now, my kids will be buggin me to go over all the time…


  5. We got a new swing set last week also. We had ours installed. If we had tried to do it ourselves, it would still be sitting in the garage when our youngest foes off to college. I’m SO impressed that you put it together!Good luck on the “vacation.” Maybe you can get some rest when you get back home.


  6. Well, don’t plan on getting any sleep for the next three days….Do they put you in jail if you lock the kids in the motel room and go shopping? Even if you promise them a treat? MUM


  7. I am sooooo not jealous of the trip, but i am of the swings, and the grass, since i have lots of dirt. You will have fun. When you get home dump the kids up at my circus and take a nap


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