These are my twins!!
I’m sure that we have talked about them before. In case you are wondering how I tell them apart I’d have to say that “A Mother knows her children”, but sometimes they even confuse me.
The other day Tater, the curly haired twin, was yelling at his brother. Over and over he kept yelling at the top of his lungs, ” You wanna pway fahduh weeduh?!”,
“We pway FaH DuH WeEdUh”!
Tater may look like a grown up boy, but he is really only “Fwee!”
Biggy, his twin, is four years old. He was getting very frustrated because he couldn’t understand. He kept saying, “What?” hoping that it would become more clear….but instead it became LOUDER!!
Tater started to cry before we figured out what he wanted. DUH!!!
He just wanted to play Follow the Leader!

7 thoughts on “Fahduhweeduh!

  1. It really is amazing how a mother has that sixth sense that lets her tell her children apart no matter how similar they are. Are you sure you aren’t curling that boy’s hair just so you can tell which one is which? That would be Wrong.


  2. By the way, you know Tater is just practicing for when he needs to speak to someone who doesn’t speak English. You know, if you just keep repeating yourself in a louder voice, people from any country will eventually understand English. Little known fact.


  3. Well duh! I knew what that was right away! Don’t twins just have that intuition anyway and read minds? I’m shocked that his identical twin couldn’t figure that out:DHope vaca is fab!


  4. DeeDee knew what he was saying because she has the kids that say “widdo boy who wyvs down da wane”. After being in Liberia, I think I will be able to understand everything he says!! MUMHave some Micky pancakes for me!


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