Lead Free!


Today, between loads of pre-vacation laundry, I succeeded in turning the kitchen into a GIANT MESS !! I started too many projects that need to be finished before we leave (again) on Thursday.

This section of the table represents the Toy making chaos. I wanted to make a little something for my nieces that we will be spending the weekend with. So I started making Pointy Kitties using Hillary Langs pattern on Wee Wonderfuls! I love it!! It’s easy, and everyone loves them….. …so much that I had 3 of my kids begging for the too. Then we realized we needed one for a friends Birthday, and one for a little friend that just lost her mother. There are going to be 2 new babies coming on the family vacation this year, so I wanted to make them a little prize too. Thanks again to Hillary Lang! I just need to sew and stuff them now that they are stitched!

These toys are great for kids because you control the ingredients! They are LEAD FREE! How many toys can say that these days?

My dryer is making a noise like a dog is being run over. It won’t last much longer! I might need to borrow your dryers to get all of this laundry done by tomorrow!!! I call!!


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