Children amaze me. They are always having fun, and most of the time it is doing the strangest things!

I decided to list a few of the things I never knew were fun until I had kids.

1. Fro-balls! Family-home-haircut night, when you shave Tater (the twin with the ‘fro) it makes black “snowballs” that his twin LOVES to throw!

2. Confined “hiding seek”! I had 3 pre-schoolers hiding, and seeking, in one little bedroom. The closet is full of toys, so no hiding there. The full bed takes up most of the room, and the dresser, the rest! None of them are brave enough to hide under the bed…..i don’t know how they did it, but it lasted about 1 hour.

3. Meal time mind change. Every morning I stand at the ready…..bowls in one hand, cereal boxes lined up by the other. I wait for the orders, and fill them quickly! It never fails…by the time I get to the last kids bowl the first one is bawling, “I changed my mind! I want Cocoa Roo’s!”…..”now I want toast!”…”he got more!”…”you poured to much!”…..”I need more milk!”

4. Toot (fart) wars. The twins started doing this today! I kept telling them to knock it off…or someone was going to poop their pants. They were laughing so hard that one of them wet their pants. I have banned toot wars from our house!

I’ve got to stop now. This list could go on forever. It is, however, shorter than the “things kids do to drove their parents to the brink of insanity” list.

Gotta pack now…leave in the morning (thurs.). The dryer is barking, and the baby is still up!
Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Fun????

  1. Confined space Hide and Seek will be really fun in the Hotel room with six kids and two adults!! Talk about insanity!! Have a great week-end. MUMP.S. Have some of that great dressing at Chuck-A-Rama for me….mmmmmmmm


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