Girls Underwear….

(Not a photo of actual “Man” in story.)
Going anywhere with pre-schoolers is an adventure. You never know what they will do, or say next. For instance, as we were getting out of the SUV at a very busy rest stop, Tater yelled out “Smitty, did you fahht?”. Then of course all of the kids have to laugh and repeat it 50 times.
The very best Taterism happened one night as we were at the swimming pool. We were lucky to have it mostly to ourselves………………until the poor unsuspecting man in the robe came to swim.
He pulled up a chair in the far corner, and readied himself to swim. I happened to be near the edge of the pool with Tater when he announced, “MOM!!! That guy has on girls Unnuh-wehs!” I looked over and, sure enough, he had on a blue flowered Speedo. Before I could stop him, Tater yelled out to his brothers……….on the other side of the pool, “That guy has on girl Unnuh-wehs!!”
The kids froze in time for 2 whole seconds….then laughed their heads off!!!
happened w
Surprisingly, the man didn’t stick around to swim very long.

8 thoughts on “Girls Underwear….

  1. I say if you’re gonna sport around in girl’s unnah-wehs then you deserve to have a Tater yelling it out for all do see:)Good way to get rid of extras at the pool I say. Or just have them yell out “Ma, I pooped in the pool!” that works too:0


  2. Mary I am sorry but from personal experiance I dont think you could handle Tater, he is like six kids in one oh the energy. Lola I was also at a pool this weekend where my husband busted out laughing and then proceeded to tell me that the little boy with the condem on his head ran right into the life gaurd station smacking his head hard. little did Jake know The little condem boy’s dad was right behind us and they left the pool right after. he also said I forgot when you fart in the pool the bubbles roll up your back. Ohhh yehh and yours is three.


  3. I can’t help but giggle at that! It’s true, if you’re going to “do the crime” (wear men’s bikinis at a pool), you have to “do the time” (get laughed at).


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