As crafty as Monday could get….Not Very!!

Hello! From the deepest, darkest parts of the laundry pergatory that I have been condemned to!!

Worse than packing to go on a family trip, is the laundry that erupts when you return home. Instead of the piles shrinking, as you wash pile after pile, it seems to multiply and refill the room!

By 4pm today I had had enough of the dirty undies………and took a tiny crafty break.!

I have been saving soup cans to make into storage containers for my sewing table. I saw the idea, a while ago, but I can’t remember where. If you know…or if this is your idea…let me know so that I can give proper credit where it is due!

I covered the cans with that thin cork board, then glued stuff around the top. Then I made some quick thumbtacks out of buttons, and the scrabble tiles that Mary Ann (two words) sent me!

I have been hoarding, and stroking, my yardage of Flutterby that I bought to make my Mom a bag with. I am waiting for the inspiration for the “Vicki” bag to strike.

Today (tuesday) is my Nephew Coltons Birthday. He would have been 16! My Sister has always had special parties for her children on their 16th. Monday night we gathered at his graveside for his party.

His headstone isn’t done yet, so his little cousins painted rocks for him. His Mom brought flowers, and a carved bear (he was bit by a Black Bear at scout camp). We were each given a balloon to write a birthday message on, sang “Happy Birthday”, then released all of the balloons. We cried and laughed….then went and had a Hot dog Bonfire! It was a great party!

We Miss You Colton!!!


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