Repleat with Stinkyocity!!

Do you remember the show “Growing Pains“? It was the most awesome 80’s-teen-comedy with that hunky Kirk Cameron….drool…………….anyway!!

There was this one episode where the teen daughter Carol, played by Tracey Gold, wanted to write for the school paper. She wrote a paper that was SO AWFUL that the teacher called it was, “Replete with Stinkyocity!!!”

That lovely little phrase has stuck with me for the past 25 years. Occasionally it will make appearances in my vocabulary…. when things are BAD!

Yesterday my twins were begging for a snack. I haven’t been to the grocery store in a couple of weeks because of the trips….and my SUV going in for a (lengthy) quick fix. They were getting on my nerves pretty bad which was easy to do with them being right on the surface and raw with the lack of their usual Diet Coke coating. I decided to make Cake mix cookies because I had all of the ingredients. The one problem is that I only had a yellow cake mix…not the best for cookies. Necessity IS the mother of invention so I scoured the pantry for something to enhance the flavor………………….………. Oreo Pudding mix!! That should do it!! Oreo’s make everything better!! MMMMmmmm!!
These cookies were beyond NASTY!!!!

They were giant, flat, Oreo ridden cow pies! Replete with stinkyocity!


9 thoughts on “Repleat with Stinkyocity!!

  1. Hmmm….I thought Oreos were the solution for all things dessert? That’s too bad they weren’t good. I’m sure I would’ve eaten them still….like when I cooked the pumpkin cookies for 40 mins instead of 14…..I still ate them!


  2. Oh, man, there is Oreo Pudding? What else is new in the world of eating? I can’t wait!! I am salavating just thinking about it. Mmmmmmmmm. Why didn’t you “give them to Mikey, he’ll eat anything”? MUM


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