What The….?????

I just realized that it is May 2nd…….My parents get home June 3rd! Whew Hew!!! Only a month!! The boys can’t wait for “That one Grandma” to take them to Chevron for treats, and to the pond to play on the playground!


3 thoughts on “What The….?????

  1. So they emailed Mikey and Clot-yo about computer help. Clot-yo said they should have to suffer for a month without internet so that it would actually be like a mission! They helped them anyway, though. I can’t believe it only 1 more month and Marshy will have another Grandma to play with! YAY!!


  2. Only four weeks….Only four weeks…what a lovely tune. I can hardly wait!!! I am booken on those treats at Chevron too. You know that I have missed two years worth. I think I can make up for it don’t you? MUM


  3. Oh yeah! I haven’t had anyone to go on Coke breaks with since Mom left! Boo-hoo! I’m missing that!And there just isn’t anyone with those crazy come backs that Dad has!


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