Mama’s got a Brand New Bag…almost

I finally gave in and cut the FLUTTERBY fabric that I ordered for Mom’s purse. For some reason this was difficult cut to make. There are so many things that each piece of fabric could become. I’d hate to disappoint it by not letting it live up to it’s full potential!!

I would have gotten farther, but I forgot to buy a zipper…………..DUH!!
In other news…I wore my Derby hat for a good chunk of the day. I weeded the yard, ran some errands, and completely forgot that I had it on! I couldn’t figure out why I was getting such strange looks from people!!
Now you can give me a strange look too…..(Yes Virginia, Lola is old and fat!) I’m sporting way to many flowers! I was like the flower nightmare! Brad Paisley sings a song about being ..”so much cooler on line!” Well, I’m definitely NOT! So Love me…or get off my blog already!! Just kidding…you can stick around even if you don’t like me! I don’t care….can I offer you a cookie and a Diet Coke?


17 thoughts on “Mama’s got a Brand New Bag…almost

  1. Hi! I just wanted to stop in and say thanks for visiting me over at my new blog, Two Cups of Coffee. It’s nice to know that someone besides my mom is reading it!!BTW, you’re not old or fat and frankly, I love the hat!


  2. You know that I will have to get a whole new outfit to match my new purse……ohhhhhh…….lunch…..more shopping….mmmmmmmm…cinnabun… coke…..home…MUM


  3. i love that fabric so much it almost makes me cry…=)…great pic…=)…i usually go outside in my jammies after the mail and all of my neighbors give me funny looks…if i don’t give them something to talk about, who will?


  4. AHHH – you are adorable – I love the hat. You are sooo not ‘fat’ (as you say). I love the the fabric for your mama – I know you are so happy they are heading home – God’s speed.


  5. I’m so excited, you have on my hat! My eleven year old is thrilled: “Mom, that lady you made the hat for is wearing it on the internet!” Cracks me up! Of course, I can’t wrestle the hat you made for me away from her. Seems like horse crazy girls are crazy for Derby hats, tooCarole


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