What the World Needs NOW…

Went to Church. I really like church; soft benches, temperature controlled, people are happy there, there are great stories and lessons. My favorite part is the music!! I love to sing Hymns…LOUD!
“All Creatures of Our God and King, Lift up your voice and Hear us sing…….Alleluia, ALLELUIA!!! “
There is one thing that I think could jazz up those Hymns a little…………………………………………

I hope that your day has just enough Cow Bell to make you happy


12 thoughts on “What the World Needs NOW…

  1. Oh yeah! Cowbell could replace the organ! I am all for it. I like a little change every now and then. I always wanted to go to a church with a dancing gospel choir. They just look so entertaining! I’m all for the entertainment factor. . and the Spiritual. Maybe we could throw in some trash can drummers? I know a few:D


  2. That’s so funny. Mr Very Mary was in the garage today doing man stuff. When I walked in, he was listening to the classic rock channel. My first question: “So, how much cow bell have you heard today?” right as the song on the radio was cow belling away. Sigh. Good times.


  3. I think the Bone yard daddys could use a little cow bell. I t would probably help them stay on beat. They did get a new drummer though, The brother of the original drummer is going to step in and help them out. looks like the Bone Yard Daddys will stay in the Fam. p.s I commented!


  4. I think I’ll mention cowbell to our music minister at church… It does add a little something, ya know! 🙂 Thanks for the comment and encouragement on my blog! I often feel like I should have a specific look or purpose because I see other blogs that do, but it’s my blog! I can do what I want! 🙂 And really, who doesn’t want to read about babies? 😉


  5. Hey! I didn’t see you at church! It’s like you and the Olson’s went on vaca…no one. Bro Preston was bugging me “Where they at?” I told him “I don’t know, I’m not their sitter” 🙂


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