Have you ever???????? (part 2)

Have you ever purchased 40 boxes of cereal in one day????(Yes Again!!!)

Made the AMAZING Jello “FLUFF


Climbed inside all of your window wells to clean them out only to find that the last one is very deep…..so deep that you can’t get out, and you are certain that your 3 and 4 year old would never be able to lift you out either…..and the baby is eating sand in the sandbox, and no one is going to stop him…so you finally JUMP and CLIMB your way out, but you are left with a GIGANTIC Hematoma on your leg! (I know that the previous sentence is not proper..OK!)


watched hours of Yo Gabba Gabba hosted by the very interesting (watch video) DJ Lance Rock?

That is my day in a nutshell….or should I say nuthouse?


14 thoughts on “Have you ever???????? (part 2)

  1. oh my! I bet it wasn’t funny at the time. But it sure gave me a giggle reading about you misadventure. Lola you are so good at painting a scene with words. Brilliant post 🙂 I hope you leg gets better soon.


  2. Are you okay?? Is baby Turtle full of sand? Mmmm….the fluff is making me hungry, and about 5 minutes ago I felt like I couldn’t even drink a glass of water I was so full!


  3. boo just loves yo gabba gabba…i think you and i probably have a lot in common as far as what tv shows are on! dora, diego, barney, wonder pets, backyardigans, tak, max and ruby…sound familiar???? the funny thing is, sometimes i’d rather watch boo’s stuff than the boring adult stuff…hope your gigantic hematoma gets better…ouch…


  4. Yeah…I’ve bought that much cereal! And then at Christams time when I didn’t feel like being fancy or creative, the neighbors all got a box of Honey Bunches of Oats. I can’t believe I just admitted that!


  5. No, I can’t say that I’ve ever bought that much cereal. (however, my kids would love it if I did!)Sorry to hear about your injury. This is why you should have the kids clean out the window wells.Yo Gabba Gabba?Nope.We don’t have cable. Our current obsession around here is Blue’s Clue’s (for the three year old)The Jello Fluff looks scrumptious!


  6. I think that Diana is practicing for the temple questions. I wish I could fit 40 boxs of cereal in my trailer, I would rather have your hemotoma than be pregnant, and Yo Gabba Gabba is one of our daily must sees but I am hoping that I can switch back to kbyu for a few days.


  7. We have watched hours and hours and hours and hours of Barney, Jack’s Big Music Show, The Upside Down Show and currently Bunnytown is the favorite. DJ Lance must get paid a huge amount of money to dress up like that and be on tv. That’s the one show I find annoying. I like the idea behind the show but that’s about it. I feel for you there!!


  8. Hahahahaha…you are so funny. You realy got a lot accomplished even with that big, black, ugly bruise. Dee Dee is jealous because she doesn’t have that great bowl! MMMM…yummy salad. What is the occasion? MUM


  9. LOLOLOL I have had your day before, and gotta love yo gabba gabba. And I have bought like 15 boxes of cereal in one day, or rather, dh has. The man loves a sale! LOL


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