May’d for Me??

I think May’d For Me is a great idea! I am always in the middle of 50 projects (of which I only ever completely finish 2), generally the projects are for other people. My wardrobe is in distress because I won’t buy anything until I lose weight, but I won’t lose weight unless food disappears from the face of the planet! I have some ideas of some things I’d like to make myself……….

So, in honor of May’d for Me, today I made Tallulah Belle(not her real name..but it is her real nickname) a new outfit for her school program tomorrow. She is supposed to wear red, and she doesn’t have ANY, so I had to make her something! I made a little linen skirt to match and finally tried freezer paper stenciling. I think it turned out cute, and Tally likes it too!

Then, I made my Mother-in-law a purse for Mothers Day. She doesn’t know how to work the Internet, so I can show it off. I used the Everything Bag tutorial. It was really easy, and it is a nice sized bag too!…………and yes, it is the last of that Amy Butler fabric! I have to use every scrap of it’s lusciousness!
Sewing time, for the rest of this week, will be extreemly limited. We have a family floral business that I worked at, full time, for about 12 years. I became “mostly retired” when I got my 5th child, then found out I was pregnant with the 6th. Anyway! On big flower holidays, like Mothers Day, I come out of retirement to offer my assistance to my sweet sisters. (in other words…I work, or they will cause me serious harm!)

You only have until Friday to sign up for the “Sox-Crazed Maniac’s Sock Exchange 2008”.


8 thoughts on “May’d for Me??

  1. I love that little outfit. I’ve not done any freezer paper stenciling may have to give it a try. the bag is gorgeous. And thanks for the link to the Tutorial.🙂


  2. That outfit is adorable! I love the stenciling – I’m too afraid to go there … maybe one day. The purse is awesome too … I still have you purses on my to-sew list – one day!


  3. Oh, she is so darling. I miss her so much. I hope she will still let me hug her. She looks so grown up in that darling outfit. Good job. The purse picture didn’t come up for me. Hope I can get to see it. MUMWork hard so you can take the summer off!!


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