For You–Lynsey Lou Knee Deep In Poo!

Lynsey is my niece, but she’s really more of a sister. (Jenny, does that make her my Nister?)
She’s the reason why I am Lola…again. Grand Aunt Lola to her 2 sweetie-pie kids….and the 3rd on the way!
I am getting ready to make some things the little one, but I wanted to see if Lyns approves before I cut it out!

Photo borrowed from A Mingled Yarn

This is the Diaper bag that I think is cool! It looks more like a messenger bag. Imagine it in Blue and Brown fabric.
The tutorial for this bag is found at A Mingled Yarn Blog!

Next up is the ever popular Hooter Hider/Bosom Buddy. It’s every nursing mom’s Breast friend! Imagine it in a more Man-baby fabric!

Picture borrowed from The Mama Monster

The tutorial can be found on The Mama Monster blog.

After those two projects we’ll get down to the basics…bibs, booties, burpers (say that 10 times without covering you monitor with saliva!)

On a completely unrelated topic, my oldest boy (10) played baseball tonight. It was his first time pitching………I was SO nervous for him…….he was really good! I just think he’s so cute in his whole uniform. (he’d be so embarrassed!)


9 thoughts on “For You–Lynsey Lou Knee Deep In Poo!

  1. Thank you so much for the links. Someone just asked me to make a diaper bag but I didn’t have a pattern (and I’m not creative enough to come up up with it on my own.) I am definitly making the tata cover!


  2. ok how weird. i was looking up how to modify the simplicity 3835 pattern for maternity on google. for some reason it lead me to the lovely sky is pink blog. i as reading her comments about her built by wendy dress and your comment caught my eye. then i looked at your profile and realized that you also were lds and lived in utah, which led me to your blog… then suprise! i saw a picture of my tutorial. how funny ! i am pretty new to blogging ( well public and crafty at least) so maybe it isn’t all that funny. anyways have fun making hooter hiders, they really come in handy!


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