Great advice for Mothers!

A penny saved is….closer to St. George. (That is where we went on vacation twice last month.)

Strike while the cake is hot!

Two’s company, Three’s triplets (That is what I call the 3, 4, and 7 year old kids because they’re all the same size)

Don’t bite the hand that…picked you up!

Beggars can’t be rock stars!

You can’t have your cake and ice cream in the tub (she erased the in the tub part, but I think it’s funny!)

10 thoughts on “Great advice for Mothers!

  1. I think that having your HOT cake and ice cream is better in the tub. I guess I would eat it anywhere. That is the cutest thing!! You have to save those for her in her scrapbook. MUMp.s. Kids notes are the best memories “How come me”?


  2. found your bloglove your bloglaughed out loudjealous of your talentswant to be your friend~!Come on over and say Hi!Hope to see you soon! You need to take a nap! You do so many amazing things-you must be exhausted!


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