What a Beautiful Mess I’m In

There is something incredibly exciting about creating your own pattern for something. I love to take my sketches (scribbles), figure out the measurements and the different pieces needed, cutting…figuring….sewing!!! It is quite a rush when it all comes together!

Today, however, the story was a little different. I worked on the “Vicki” bag for my Mom. I was feeling confident enough that I didn’t test the pattern, just cut it out and started working. I was soon in the middle of a mess. I needed instructions. I needed to know what to put together in what order.

It wasn’t long before I had created a purse Monster!! I had to stop for a Diet Coke, and a few episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba, to clear my head. It took hours of teeth clenching to get it completed…….probably won’t ever turn into a tutorial though!
Here it is!!
There is a magnetic snap inside to snap her keys to so they don’t keep getting lost in the bottom. The pocket next to it is for her Dental Floss!

On the other side of the lining is a zippered pocket. It’s the first one I’ve done in a lining…..pretty fun!

You can’t tell, but there are also pockets on the sides (for cell phone?) Anyway….hope Mom likes it!


20 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Mess I’m In

  1. Hey! I want liner in my pocket:)Just teasing.Very cute bag. . I think she may still lose her keys though. I have yet to have THAT organized of a purse to “bebleta” find keys quickly!


  2. Wow, I am impressed. Even though it gave you lots of trouble, the end result is awesome!!!And I love the dental floss pocket LOL I always have dental floss in my purse too, I can’t stand to have food in my teeth.I am sure your Mom will LOVE it!


  3. i wish that i could sew! I think that it is darling! The msgnet-what a great idea-no more digging for those dang keys!Hey wanna do a swap? Come on over and post if you are interested. Maybe you have been a part of a swap and you could give me ideas. You are just a little bi older than me, therefore, much wiser, so I am sure that you could give me much needed help and advice! I am pretty sure it was the diet coke that made the purse come toegether! Gotta love the drink of the gods!


  4. Oh, Oh, Oh, Where are my keys? I can’t wait to fill that beautiful thing up!! Need a cellphone, day planner, pens, gum, lipstick….Ah, yes, all that other stuff that make your purse a BAG!! Got to have a new outfit to match!! It is sooooooo great. I love that fabric…and the way it is put together…Love you, MUM


  5. I like the special dental floss compartment. Seriously. (Mine is in a mini first-aid kit in my bag.)Do you like Yo Gabba Gabba? I so feel like I am on serious drugs when I watch that. It’s like something I have never experienced before in my life! When I watch it, I am mesmerized in something. I’m not sure what.


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