This is going to be one exciting weekend at our house!! On Saturday we will be celebrating the “Twins” birthdays. Straight hair’s birthday is actually Friday, Curly hair’s is on Saturday, but to keep them from fighting being confused we decided to make it one big day instead of two.
This is a picture of the pair on their very first outing together. From the begining Straight has been curly’s protector! They were actually born 1 year and 1 day apart…destined to be brothers and best friends.

They have always shared everything with each other…..sometimes they haven’t enjoyed sharing, but mostly of the time they do.

They do silly things all of the time. They start each day off clean…..but it doesn’t last!

They have always shared a double bed. We got them a bunk a few weeks ago, and they have problems falling asleep without each other. Sometimes when we peek in on them at night they are looking over the edges of the bed…making sure that the other one is still there.

We weren’t sure how this brotherhood would work out, or if it would. They have both surprised and delighted us with their relationship!

So very different……..exactly alike!

Happy 4th and 5th birthdays boys! We love you forever and always!


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  1. I hate it when you dress them alike because I can’t tell them apart:D I guess the one sure way to tell them apart is to lift them. Curly is a hefty & will tell you he is stronger than his straight haired counterpart.


  2. Those pictures are priceless. They are so darling. I can’t believe how much they have grown. I am sad that the two tiny boys are gone, but glad they still love the ducks. Happy Birthday Twins! MUM


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