Hold on to your Credit Cards!!

This morning I was randomly surfing blogs, while feeding the baby, and I ran across some NEW fabrics that I need. I started getting anxious about how I was going to buy them without throwing our budget into a death spiral!! (Married to an accounting type!)

This is Sandi Henderson’s (Portabello Pixie) new line that is making it’s debut at quilt Market this weekend. I love her color combinations, they look so fresh and clean! I see several future wardrobe items coming from this group!!

This is what really dropped my jaw…..Joel Dewberry’s new line “Ginseng”!!!!
I can hear the angels singing!! They’re singing about fabulous bags, pillows for my couch, a stunning new tailored jacket, and curtains for the Living room!!

The BEST part is that you can pre-order it at quilt home AND save 10%. It will be sent out in early June (a few short weeks away!!). How can I choose which ones….and how can I hide it from The Money Over-Lord???

10 thoughts on “Hold on to your Credit Cards!!

  1. I just posted about Sandi Henderson’s new line this morning. I’ve been away on vacation and when I saw it I fell in love! My mind has been is a whirlwind trying to think of things that I’m going to buy the fabric to make. Sandi is also releasing patterns soon. I had not seen the new Dewberry line yet. It is gorgeous.


  2. I saw Sandi Henderson’s “Farmer’s Market” line on her blog earlier this week and just about dropped off my chair! I would love to use it to make a Gathering Apron (from The Cottage at Frog Creek).


  3. I’m just a window shopper right now, but in a mere two weeks I will be let out!! Look out fabric stores….keep me up on all the new stuff! Love the fab fab. MUM


  4. I saw this line a few weeks ago and totally fell in love with it. I too am dealing with the “hubby of finance”…I usually get my stash by selling some of the kids toys or clothing on Ebay and then turning the cash around…he has no idea about my pay pal account! (giggle giggle!)


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