Simple beauty

The busy-ness of May always leaves me feeling a little weathered. The end of the school year, the rehearsals, recitals, ball practices and games, graduations, and parties make it difficult to live our regularly scheduled chaos!! I find myself longing for a completely different life….with the same people…just different daily life.

On a recent vacation we made a stop at Cove Fort. As we learned about the pioneers that had settled, and lived there, I was struck by their resourcefulness. Our guide told Showed us the ticking on the mattresses, and told us that when it was no longer useful as a mattress cover the Women would make it into clothing. When the clothing was getting to worn out the scraps were used to make quilts, and rag rugs.

I was in awe of the beauty of the things that they surrounded themselves with…. the simple beauty.

In the center of May’s turbulence,
I long for the calm of simple beauty.
I long for the days of grass between the babies toes, kids on bikes yelling “Mom, watch!”.
Painting rocks, pulling weeds, reading books, eating garden tomatoes……


3 thoughts on “Simple beauty

  1. We love Cove Fort! Our little guy (Ira Hinckley) is named for his great-great-great grandfather Ira Nathaniel Hinckley builder of Cove Fort. 😀


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