Emergency Lola Systems

We’re sorry, but the Lola you have reached is temporarily out of service.
Please leave a message after the tone!
(This means you too…STALKERS…I have sitemeter, and I know you’re here!)

9 thoughts on “Emergency Lola Systems

  1. Yeah, this is the Dept. of Child services. We got report that your child was eating potatoe bugs and dog food. Is this true? Do you feed the child real food?We will be calling you back!


  2. jealous! I could take a break as soon as all the people in the swap-do what they are supposed to do and email me their info, so i can them in the mix. Yes-that means you! 🙂I know that you don’t know me, but i hope that you know I am only being loving and kind. Promise!Really though-head over to my blog and check the details on the swap. and then make sure to email your info. ok-enough words for you to have to read on your va-ka!have fun! talk to you soon!


  3. ok-i am so glad that you feel so loved! That is a very immportant thing in life:) Anyway-I did NOT get your info. And-for future swap-us swap organizers-we need to know your “REAL” name other than screen or visa versa-i have been confused on a couple of emails. So-if you could find it in your heart to send it again-I would be grateful! Did you send it to sassystylin@comcast.net


  4. One “ringy dingy”…(snort) two ringy dingy(snort). I can answer up to 6 lines..nice hair, did your stylist Angie do that for you?


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