Weight Watchers?

Important conversations with a 7 year old girl;

Tally: Mom, I was looking at sisters knees and hers are WAY bigger than mine.
Mom: It’s because she’s older than you…she’s supposed to have bigger things than you do. I’m WAY older, so My things are WAY bigger than yours!
Tally: Ya…..like your boofs, they are WAY bigger than mine. Mine are tiny hills, yours are huge mountains!

………same kid different day……………….

Tally: Mom you have a big bum. My bum is teeny tiny, but your bum is HUGE!!!
ps. A blog a day is hard!

11 thoughts on “Weight Watchers?

  1. I’m with you a post a day is hard! I’ve been doing it too! I have to laugh about your child’s comments. I have one of those too! She’s commented on my body too. There is no privacy once you become a mom! Sometimes I think I’d just like to go to the bathroom or take a shower with out an audience commenting on what I’m doing.


  2. Since when was having the biggest and the most not a good thing? I thought that meant I was the winner!OH well, I think I will continue with that theory and make my kids think they are the losers because they are little:)


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