Hangin’ with the kids!

So!! Today was the first day of Summer break!!
It was one L..O..N..G day…..
The kids were all up extra early because it was finally summer. They were dressed, and outside before 8:30am.
By 8:35am the tattling was in full swing! I would have one kid running in saying,
“Mom, the boys are being mean to me!”
I’d say, “Tell them not to.”
Soon another would be in with “They are calling me names!”
“Tell them not to.” I’d answer.
Finally, Biggy came in with a complaint…. which I gave the same “tell them not to” solution. He ran to the open window and yelled out to the kids in the back yard,
“Guys….NOT TO!! Not to!! Did you hear me?? NOT TO!!! Mom says Not to!”
I laughed so hard I about fell over…Not To! Kids are so litteral sometimes!

This song is dedicated to my darlings! Pay particular attention to Patrick Star at around 00:30. It is one of the best parts of the clip!

Have a great one!


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