Once, when I only had two kids, I was standing in line at the grocery store. The older gentleman in front of me struck up a conversation. He was very sweet, and funny. He asked me about my baby, that was making a fuss in the cart, and talked to him like a Grandfather would. As he turned to leave he asked,
“Have I given you one of my wife’s blankets before?”
Puzzled I replied, “No!”
He quickly left the store, and returned before I had finished checking out. He handed me an adorable baby boy quilt, told me to snuggle my baby in it, and then he left.

I found out later that this man’s wife is constantly making these blankets as a service. He keeps them in the trunk of his car so that he can give them to every baby he sees.

I was touched by this kindness, enough that I still think about it 10 years later.


12 thoughts on “Kindness.

  1. I just want to cry – that is so sweet. That reminds me of a man I met onetime in Walmart…with both my boys (at different times) … I’ll have to post about that! Thanks for the your wonderful memory and for reminding me of one of a special moment.


  2. That was an act of kindness. Puts my little brain to work to come up with my own “act of kindeness” Maybe this should be a new bloggers challenge…good idea Lola…again!


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